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Image of American Almanac on iPhone
Image of American Almanac on iPhone
An American classic.

The American Almanac is a guide to nature that brings you long range weather forecasts — sun, moon & astronomy — best days — gardening — and much more in a beautiful, easy to use app.

People love the American Almanac.

"This app is everything I've ever wanted and everything I've ever needed on my phone."

"Good and Old Timey but ever so current."

"If I could keep only one app, this would be the one."

The app you keep.
We believe in giving you more value than what we charge for. There are no in-app purchases and no up-charges. We like to keep it simple and honest.
Go paperless.
Replace your paper almanac with the American Almanac. Paper almanacs cost around $7.95. The American Almanac is just $1.99 and has features you’ll never find in a book. That’s a savings of 75% versus the magazine rack. And yet you get more. Isn’t technology amazing?
Reconnect with nature.
Our goal is to help you reconnect with the cycles and seasons of nature. The art, poetry, and advice remind you of simpler times — but the factual data is useful for today.

A partial list of features.