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Image of American Almanac on iPhone
An app for all seasons.
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It’s all here: rise and set times for sun, moon, stars, and planets. Weather forecasts. Tide tables. Best days. Holidays and observances. But we’re in the business of exceeding expectations. So you’ll also get features like gardening advice, a guide to the constellations, a world clock, the Chinese zodiac, and more, and more, and more. Check out our long list of features.
Spend less, get more.
Paper almanacs cost around $7.95. The American Almanac is just $1.99 and has features you’ll never find in a book. That’s a savings of 75% versus the magazine rack. And yet you get more. Isn’t technology amazing?
Local access.
Pick your hometown from over 64,000 worldwide locations and what you see will be customized just for you. Things like sunrise and sunset times, which constellations are visible, and even frost dates. Can your old paper almanac do that?